2 Table Tennis Matches – Video Review

This is a video of 2 matches I played last Sunday.

The first one, I won 3-2, in a very tight game where my opponent attacked my backhand mercilessly (my weakest stroke).

The second one, with a lower ranking player, was a somewhat easier game, but nevertheless, I made many unforced mistakes.

In each match, you can see “Points that I won”, “Problems with FH” and “Problems with BH”. Any comments you want to share?

My USATT club ranking is around 750. I’ve been training with a coach for 6 months or so. You can learn more about my journey at https://tabletennisguy.com

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  1. Ewen
    December 14, 2017

    The key of improving ping pong playing skills would be keep on practicing everyday. Focusing and Tenacious is very import.


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